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Emily R.      5 stars 

Finally, a poet I can relate to

A friend recommended this author and I'm grateful. Sun and Shadow is a collection of 200+ poems, mostly very short, but insightful, thought provoking and very relatable. My favorite.....

Among the unseen casualties
of lost love is ones own worthiness.
New love not only restores it
but teaches us that is was never
harmed to begin with.

Steele writes about the usual poetic subject matter for the most part but in a different manner - as though he's sharing a thought that just occurred to him, as if in conversation. And with a contemporary slant. A must read.

Gary G.     5 stars 

Sun and Shadow - found love..broken love..a journey.

Jim Steele writes as a third person on the joys and sorrows of love. Many poems are only a line or two but Jim finds a way to express poignancy and unconditional love in this realm. This is Jim's second book of poems. I certainly recommend "Sun and Shadow".

Mia K.      5 stars 

He gets right to the point

I love this book of poetry. It's thought provoking. He gets right to the point and it's easy to understand. It elicits an emotion and when I read it I think of people, places & events that pertain to my own life. Excellent.

Diane N.     5 stars

So heartfelt, it reads like a diary.

I read Sun and Shadow by this author and have been looking forward to this book. Awakening At Twilight was worth the wait. Jim has woven beautiful, touching poems about love and loss and aging. They're deep and relatable without the sentimentality one might expect from poetry. Jim paints a picture with each poem and like his previous work, includes at least one poem that strikes a chord with every reader. He's done it again. A beautiful book. Buy it.

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